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Energy Performance Certificates

Mandatory on all rental property by October 2008

To comply with EU and UK law all property offered for rental in England and Wales will require an Energy Performance Certificate from 1st October 2008. These certificates must be issued by fully qualified and accredited Energy Assessors. Property in Northern Ireland will also require an EPC by 30th December 2008 and those in Scotland by 4th January 2009.

High demand could cause landlords costly delays in marketing their property

This is the schedule which points towards Energy Assessors being in high demand in England and Wales:

  1. 1st August 2007: all 4 bedroom property put up for sale requires an EPC as part of the new mandatory Home Information Pack, all remaining house sizes to be implemented as more DEAs become available
  2. 6th April 2008: EPCs required on construction for all dwellings, all commercial property over 10,000 sq meters will require an EPC when offered for sale or rental
  3. 1st July 2008: EPCs required for the construction, sale or rent of buildings, other than dwellings, with a floor area over 2,500 sq meters
  4. 1st October 2008: EPCs required on the sale or rent of all remaining dwellings, EPCs required on the construction, sale or rent of all remaining buildings, other than dwellings, display certificates required for all public buildings >1,000 sq meters

The demand will be high, one important point to consider is the possible delay that may be caused in marketing your property for rent because you do not have an EPC. From October 2008 it will be illegal to rent your property without a certificate. It will be a busy time for Energy Assessors and so turn around of your EPC could cost you significant rental income, as you could experience a delay in getting your certificate and in turn getting your property on the market.

Call on a lettings sector expert

There are many qualified Domestic Energy Inspectors already producing EPCs for the Sales Market but landlords have the option to use a company that they can trust to understand their needs. Property Inventory Services can now receive instructions directly from landlords or agents for the production of EPCs. There is no impersonal call centre based panel to deal with, all EPCs are delivered within the industry standard three day turn around time. Our assessors are fully qualified with full advanced background checks by the Criminal Bureau Agency and are members of the Elmhurst Energy accreditation scheme. Full professional indemnity and public liability insurance are held.

PIS can also provide EPCs for private home owners or solicitors to include in their own HIP prior to sale.

Book an Energy Performance Certificate on your rental properties with Property Inventory Services now and avoid the rush!

EPCs will be valid for 10 years on rental properties. Unless you make changes to your property to improve its energy efficiency there will be no need for another inspection until 2018 or later.

To book an EPC, call Brian Kilcoyne on 07768521268 or email

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